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Latest Events

  • 29
    May, 2012

    Groundwater Governance: A global Framework for Country Action - Regional Consultation for Sub-Saharan Africa Region - UNESCO

  • 27
    March, 2012

    18th AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group Meeting (APIRG/18) - ICAO

  • 20
    March, 2012

    4th Session of the African Minesterial Conference on Housing and Urban development (AMCHUD 4) - UN-HABITAT


We offer a variety of interpreting services ranging from Simultaneous, Consecutive, Whispered, Relay to Liaison interpreting .....


We offer language translations for conference documents, financial translations, terms of reference, website translations, audio translations .....


We offer translation services into local languages for all types of media (print, electronic, audio and video) .....

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