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A Rapporteur is a person who listens and then reports his/her observations.  Our experienced rapporteurs accomplish this through listening with ears, eyes, heart and mind.  Their roles is to listen and not reply.  The Rapporteur listens with all senses to gain a full appreciation of the story being told.

Our Rapporteurs  are focused- It is not always easy to  tune out  the distractions around someone. They strive to remain focused on what is being said and not on how he/she wishes to respond.  The focus is on the story being  shared and its implications  as they relate to the overall objectives of the presentation.

The Rapporteur records and reports findings. This summary integrates  observations and impressions from the presentations and these could be submitted  within two hours of the completion of the presentation.

Finally, our Rapporteurs’ role is to ensure the integrity of the final report. The role of the Rapporteur is essential  for ensuring accuracy along with moral integrity of the final report.  Findings and recommendations from their reports will be sued to focus attention  of decision makers on the emerging issues, which will result from the conference or workshop proceedings.